What is Medical Psychology?

Medical Psychologists are specialized in the treatment of psychological factors that play a role when suffering from medical conditions – chronic, acute, as well as accident related.

On one hand, emotional and psychological issues can aggravate or maintain medical conditions. On the other hand, physical pain experienced during illness, stress of diagnosis, medical examinations or treatments, as well as the debilitating effects of the condition itself, can be emotionally overwhelming and at times cause psychological issues to arise. Also anxiety around health and sickness are themes quite a few of us are dealing with. The dynamic between physical disease and psychological factors is complex and often difficult to pinpoint.

When you are starting to experience difficulties in social, emotional and/or professional functioning, this can be a signal to seek psychological help. Along with that, Medical Psychologists can work together with the medical treatment team. This can increase the process of understanding and acceptance of medical conditions, as well as finding adequate ways of managing them.

The psychologist’s role is to explore together with the client and sometimes their family members, how these factors interrelate and how to best improve their situation.