Geriatric counseling

Unfortunately, often when people start to experience a change in memory, cognition, behavior or alertness, it is difficult for them/their family members to find the right help. After diagnosis of an issue, such as dementia or a delirious episode, counseling and guidance may be needed. A specialist can help clients and their families deal with the following questions: What does this diagnosis mean? How does it affect your life and that of your loved ones? What can you expect? How can you learn to cope with this? How can your environment help you? What’s important to know?

I help clients and family members find their way to the right specialists, and provide counseling focussed on understanding and dealing with the diagnosis. The counseling also covers education about the neuropsychological background of the diagnosis, in order to help clients and family members get a better understanding of the client and the disease-symptoms, and allow them to find new ways to optimize functioning.

As people often leave the doctor’s office confused, I offer to communicate with health professionals involved with treatment, and if possible join you on doctor’s visits, in order to maximize your communication and understanding of the situation.